Me Too : Women’s Day Celebration [My Experience]

Let us start discuss with women and children you knew, start from your home.. the best place to bring the change against sexual harassment, child abuse and bring the equality in the society.

I still remember, few years before i was reading the poem titled “Surandal” (Means Exploitation) on Women’s Day event organized in the work place just after many higher officials given their great appreciation speech about “Women Power”.  Just after i completed the poem, all my sisters request me to give the copy of the poem and it was printed in A3 size and kept in the display board for about week or little more.

This title “Surandal” was given by my younger sister. She also surprised after i presented this poem to her. You can read those lines below

I believe, that was the voice of their heart, they don’t want fake appreciations.

The below lines to support #MeToo movement

These few lines also peak about Female infanticide.  
Still there are many challenges need to be recorded and shared 
atleast to reflect our society and facts. 

Will share more of my experience and share yours.. to bring the change.

Regards – Karuveli RaSa. Mahendran


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