Happy Diwali | Celebrate Light Festival

Dear All,

Greetings to everyone of you on this India’s Light Festival.  On this occasion let me request all our children and their parents use the crackers with proper safety while enjoying the moments.  Those who blessed with lot of crackers, food items and sweets can share the same with who don’t have the access to the same due to poverty. In returns you are going to have great happiness which going to bring peacefulness to you and our society. And it’ll surely ignite a light of hope to everyone to live in this universe.

With this let me request you to ask and learn bit more about why we celebrating this light festival in India? Parents and Elders can share their knowledge and experience about the festival. Discuss little more about the facts, believes and superstitions regarding this festival and encourage yourself and family to share the real purpose and facts behind the celebration and keep sharing with next generation which is very important for peaceful society.

Those who interested can write me via email about the facts, believes and superstitions they knew about this festival. I’m waiting for your email


With Greetings,

Karuveli RaSa. Mahendran

A short poem written in Tamil for the festival carrying wishes and the same message i shared you above.


மறுமொழியொன்றை இடுங்கள்

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